Much to say and learning how to put it to words...

Much to say and learning how to put it to words...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wild horses could not take me away...from Horses

This could be a long one...
It started out this past winter when Tory and I were chatting about what to get Kaehli for her 12th birthday.  We had moved to an acreage the summer before and in my heart...I knew exactly what it was time for.  It was time to bless our daughter with the ability to follow her dream!  On the back of a horse!  So here began the journey of finding the perfect horse for my girl! 

We tried to keep it a secret and just couldn't.  We decided she needed to be apart of the process...the hunt.  I later regretted this decision as the first horse we brought home turned up so lame we took it back the next day!  Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like seeing your daughter cry her eyes out from total heartbreak because of a decision you made.  Uggg...not a good week!  We are still months and months later trying to sort that all out.  It didn't turn out well.  I think this is one of those situations I'll never understand until heaven...but they say what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger.  I guess Kaehli's character building began here.

My hero horseman neighbor lost his mind when he found out what Kaehli had to go through on her birthday.  Thus began his search, almost hell bound and determined to make a little girls dreams come true!  It didn't take long before I got a call from him early spring, letting me know he was bringing me a couple horses to try.  "NO strings attached" he told me.  If you don't like them, we send them back and bring two more until Kaehli has her match!  He cut keys to his tack barn, gave them to me looked me in the eye and said "FILL YOUR BOOTS!".  (translation: ride until you can't ride anymore!) 

Through-out this time, I got myself a job at a working training facility for horses.  For one month I mucked out stalls, de-wormed horses, cold hosed injured horses, filled water buckets, swept, turned out mares, geldings and studs, I stacked bales as tall as I could reach above my head on a trailer to be brought back to the barn for feed, trailered pregnant broodmares closer to the barn for foaling, and took everything in like a sponge.  I asked as many questions as I could, I was honest and made sure everyone knew I simply knew nothing!  I even got to help the vet exray one horses feet, that had turned up a little lame.  I learned about feed, tack, and so much more.  God was opening doors for me, and pushed the fast forward button for a while. I also started lessons, and got Kaehli lessoning as well.  I figured if we were going to do this horse thing, I am going to do it right!  That means learning everything I possibly can.  I ordered many books and spent hours reading.  I even drew a horse on the white board and memorized all the body parts by marking the proper names on the horse.  Kaehli got a little jealous if I got to ride more than her, and I explained that if mommy doesn't figure this all out, she wouldn't get to either.  She didn't say much after that.  It was hard work, but I loved every minute.

Kaehli fell in love with one of the horses my neighbor brought over.  She named him Denver.  It really is a happy ending.  The hero neighbor also gave me a horse as a gift so I could ride with my girl.  How do you thank someone who finds you a horse, a safe healthy sound horse and gives it to you?  So here begins the adventure...and so this blog entry isn't too long, I will save some stories for later!  And I tell you...there are a few good ones!

Wild horses could not take Kaehli away from Denver...and could not take me away from being right beside her the whole way!

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